About Us


Us Karma Distribution Founded by a team of experienced professionals and Argeeleh enthusiasts, specializes in the manufacturing,packaging and distribution of premium molasses tobacco made with the finest ingredients in a full range of flavors to meet all tastes and choices. Our quality focus is dedicated to ensure our customers keep enjoying an original, consistent, sense-awakening, and long lasting experience through a rainbow of satisfying flavors.


With its rich heritage and cultural impact, Argeeleh, Shisha, or Hookah has grown globally to reflect the blending of different cultures all around the world. The essence and beauty of social and cultural gatherings is portrayed in our brand Karma. The exquisite connotation associated with the meaning of the word in several languages is what triggered the idea. The meeting and flow of the words Karma, both in Arabic and English, captures these precious blends and gathering topped with petals of a blossoming lotus flower.


Using premium globally imported ingredients including the finest quality tobacco, medical grade Glycerin, and food grade flavors, our R&D department is always working diligently to widen our range to meet our customers’ needs.


To become the primary global leader in production and provision of premium molasses tobacco with a trusted name reputed for international quality standards, reliable services, and honest business to a diverse family of clientele and a seasoned crew of employees.


To take strides in advancing the molasses tobacco sector globally, by delivering a unique molasses tobacco product with utmost quality, utilizing premium globally imported ingredients, specialized packaging, and state-of-the-art equipment and operations.